Heel relief – Pressure relief of heel

HEEL LIFTERS, HEEL RELIEF, HEEL RELIEF DOUBLE SAFE Med pressure-relieving heel lifter and heel reliever provides optimal and effective pressure relief and pressure distribution. You choose pressure-relieving HEEL LIFTERS, HEEL RELIEF, HEEL LIFT CUSHION for heel pressure relief or heel relief cushion with gutter shape for heavy or thin legs. Pressure distribution and pressure relief work both in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and healing of tissue damages.

All cushions are machine washable and can be washed in a washing machine at up to 95 degreesºC and can be tumble . CE marked Medical Products MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745

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Heel Lift and Heel protector against wounds on heel

Nurse at nursing home tells:
We have been using no. 114.1 heel lifters for 5-6 years and are happy with them. It is important to place a small cushion under the knees at the same time as the heel lifter. The heel lifter looks good after being washed many times. We use heel lift cushions no. 109.1 or 109.2 for large and heavy legs.

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Heel Lift-Heel protector are pressure-relieving and breathable

The occupational therapists stated at a meeting:
The heel boots we had before were too dense and warm and gave an inappropriate pressure on the heel. SAFE Med Heel Lifter, 10 cm we use with a small cushion below the knee and the 30 cm length we choose when more support is needed. With Soft-Cell covers, the heel lifts are very comfortable for the user and do not get too warm at any time.

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Heel relief for citizens with thick and heavy legs

Occupational therapist explain:
We use heel lift no. 114.1 for most citizens, but if a citizen has very thick and heavy legs, then we choose the pink gutter shaped cushion no. 109.1 of 30 cm or 60 cm for relief of heels with wounds.

Statement is verbal reference to us and can be further elaborated by e-mail.