Toilet seat cushions and shower chair cushions

Toilet seat cushion, Toilet chair cushion, Shower chair cushion and Toilet backrest cushion. SAFE Med toilet seat cushions gives you optimal pressure relief with pressure distribution for pressure sore prevention, antidecubitus and pain relief. Are you thin, normal weight or overweight? You choose pressure relief toilet seat cushion, toiletchair cushion, shower chair cushion and toilet backrest according to body weight. Toilet backrest cushion can be selected as pressure-distributing lumbar support or pressure-distributing backrest cushion with side support. With side support, a person sits more stably on the toilet chair. Pressure distribution and pressure relief work both in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and healing of tissue damage.

All pressure relief toilet seat cushions, shower chair cushions and toilet back rests SAFE ViscoPore® foam are machine washable up to 95 degreesºC and can be tumbledried. CE-marked Medical Products MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745.

Shower chair cushion is pressure relief cushion for shower chair
Toiletchair seat cushion for men with open front with pressure relief in big size 50 x 45 cm
Toiletchair seat cushion with pressure relief in big size 50 x 45 cm
Toilet seat cushion for men with open front is pressure relief cushion for toilet and toilet chair size 40 x 40 cm
Toilet seat cushion is pressure relief cushion for toilet and toilet chair size 40 x 40 cm
Toilet backrest cushion with side support is pressure relief cushion for toilet and toiletchair
Toilet backrest with lumbar support is pressure relief cushion for toilet and toiletchair

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Toilet backrest is soft and pressure-relieving for wounds and back pain

The occupational therapist asked:
have a lady who “throws” herself down on the toilet. It is a regular toilet where a backrest is needed. ‘m wondering if one of your new backrests will be able to be put on the inside of the lid on the toilet seat so she hits the cushion instead of the folded lid? Hope my query makes sense 😊
No. 119T Toilet seat support, which is soft and pressure-relieving, was attached to the toilet cistern and the problem was solved.

Toilet backrest with side support has good effect by long toilet visits

Occupational therapist told about SAFE Med Toilet Backrest no. 120T:
Citizen is very satisfied. The toilet backrest has been set up for about a week and he is experiencing a good effect after his long toilet visits. So full satisfaction from here😊

Toilet cushions are pressure-relieving and pain-relieving

The therapists stated at the meeting:
The standard cushion on the toilet seat was too hard and SAFE Med toilet cushions have made our toilet seats comfortable with the pressure distribution that the toilet cushions provide.

Toilet cushion is pain relieving for user with wounds

The therapist stated:
The little lady is so sad to go to the toilet because she is in pain. We have tried many different options so far.
Conclusion was to choose no. 132YP Toilet cushion for thin user and finally the little thin lady got pain relief and was no longer sad to sit on the toilet.

Toilet cushion with open front for men

Nurse stated:
Need a pressure-relieving toilet cushion for a very thin man in pain. The choice was of course a soft pressure-relieving toilet cushion with open front with space for urine flask no. 132YP.OF

Toilet cushion is pressure-relieving and is stable

Nurse stated:
The user is sitting very restlessly on the toilet and the question was whether the toilet cushion could be stable – and yes the toilet cushion is very stable, as there is an anti-slip backside and with the addition of velcro for attachment to the toilet, it is completely fixed.