Baby mattresses and children’s mattresses

Baby mattresses, neonatal-incubator mattresses and children’s mattresses are pressure-relieving-pressure-distributing mattresses for the smallest babies and for slightly older children. SAFE Med Baby mattresses and neonatal incubator mattresses for premature children in YELLOW soft foam are pressure-distributing and shapes gently to the baby’s body. The distribution of pressure prevents pressure ulcers and is pain-relieving for baby. In all lying positions, the foam shapes to the baby and the mattresses can be cut into small positioning cushions to support the head, arms and legs of the baby. Pressure-distributing children’s mattresses for beds are for all children who need a malleable mattress that relieves pressure for better rest, sleep and pain relief.

Baby mattresses and neonatal incubator mattresses are machine washable and can be washed in a washing machine at up to 95 degreesºC , and can be dried in a warming cabinet or tumble dried .
CE-marked Medical Device MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745.

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For baby mattresses and children’s mattresses you buy Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover or Soft-Cell™ waterproof cover with a fabric surface like SILK. See cover selection for each babymattress.

Baby mattress, Incubator mattress for Neonatal and Baby bed are pressure-relieving up to 5 kg
Baby mattress, Incubator mattress for baby crib, cradle and baby bed for 0,5 – 50 kg
Baby mattress, Incubator mattress with full cover for baby up to 5 kg

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Neonatal-Incubator mattress for neonatal and premature children is pressure-distributing

Katarina Rickan, nurse at the Neonatal Department at Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital, Stockholm Sweden describes:
In the Neonatal department, we use the SAFE Med Neonatal mattress-incubator mattress and the mattress is cut and used in smaller parts for positioning and relief of the head, ears and arms. The small cut cushions can be used without a cover and alternatively covered with a thin cotton sheet. The advantage of using this type of neonatal mattress is that it can be sterilized at high temperatures in an autoclave, can be machine washed at 80°C and dried in a warming cabinet, alternatively the incubator mattress can be tumble dried. t provides security to minimize the occurrence of bacteria. It is an advantage that the incubator mattress can be cut and adapted to the child’s size and needs. It can be reused as it is machine washable. The neonatal incubator mattress is not expensive and for the safety of the child, mattress pieces are used for positioning and only for a period of 2-3 times washing and then thrown away.
We cut the incubator mattress in freehand, and we have no specific measurements. I order a large mattress no. 101IC.3 size 200x100x2.5 cm, which we cut to the measurements we need.
For example, we cut a piece of mattress for the head and cut a hole where a needle sits, so that there is no pressure. The headpiece is placed in a pillowcase. Likewise, we cut pieces into tiny sleeping pads and cut holes in them for total relief of various body parts. Among other things, we do this to relieve children with poor circulation due to, for example, asphyxiation. As a mattress under the child, the mattress piece is placed in a pillowcase.

Baby mattress for children's intensive care unit

Heidi Bild Granby intensive care nurse at Odense University Hospital describes:
In the BRITA pediatric intensive care unit at OUH, we use the SAFE Med Baby mattress 6 cm high. We use it with a Comfor OP cover with an open back side. We have chosen this mattress because: · It can withstand underheating, so the mattress never feels cold · It can be easily wiped or completely washed · Lies stably in our open incubators.

Pressure-relieving baby mattress no. 101B for a 1.5-year-old child weighing 9.5 kg

The occupational therapist describes:
At first, mother didn’t think that Frederik could lie on the egg shell side, but it works very well. The mattress and regular turns throughout the night have reduced the pressure area. Lovely. The mattress pieces we have cut off are used to support Frederik at the sides, so that he sits better in his car seat. Many thanks for the help.