Leg and arm support cushions

ARMRESTS, LEGRESTS, ARM PADS on wheelchairs, LEGRESTS for relief, KNEE SUPPORTS and KNEE PADS for pressure relief SAFE Med pressure relief pads for legs and arms give you pain relief and optimal recovery with effective pressure distribution or pressure relief. You choose relief pads such as ARMRESTS, LEGRESTS, ARMRESTS on wheelchairs, LEGRESTS for relief between knees, KNEE SUPPORTS and KNEE PADS for stabilization and pressure distribution of current body parts. Pressure distribution and pressure relief work both in relation to pressure ulcer prevention, healing of tissue damages and when having bone fracture with a broken arm or a broken leg.

All pressure relief pads in SAFE ViscoPore® foam are machine washable up to 95 degreesºC and can be tumble dried. CE-marked Medical Products MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745.

For leg and arm support cushions you can buy Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover or Soft-Cell™ waterproof cover with a fabric surface like SILK. See cover selection for each leg and arm support cushion.

Arm cushions for armrests on wheelchair, pressure relief
Leg support and Arm support with gutter shape for pressure relief of leg or arm
Kneepad for pressure relief between knees
Knee support and Knee rest for pressure relief
Legrest and Armrest for pressure relief
Legrest and Armrest with gutter shape for pressure relief

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Arm cushions for armrests on wheelchairs reduce pressure and pain

The therapist stated:
The arm cushions for armrests on the wheelchair have really helped and provide a comfortable comfort instead of the otherwise hard armrests, which cause pressure and pain for the citizen. Arm cushions for armrests on wheelchairs shapes to the arm and provide a comfortable soft support for the arm and elbow.

Leg support cushion with gutter shape to relieve the leg

Nurse confirmed that the leg support cushion worked fine for relieving the heel to citizen with heavy legs. It had been a problem to find relief, which was comfortable, but with this gutter shape on the no. 109.2 leg support cushion, the citizen got both stability, safe relief and airflow to the leg.

Armrest with gutter shape, in which the arm rests

Caregiver choose armrest with gutter shape for older woman with pain in the arm, so that the arm could lie both stable and with good pressure relief.

Kneepad no. 123 for pressure relief between knees

The occupational therapist needed a knee pad for the disabled girl, who was lying on her side a lot, to spare unnecessary pressure between the knees. With the knee pad the knees and legs were thus given a more balanced position, which is more comfortable and gentle for both hips, back and lower back.

Knee support is a positioning cushion for legs and provides support under both knees

Physiotherapist choose knee support no. 124 with a height of 12 cm, because it was best suited for an adult citizen to provide good relief of the lower back in supine position.

The leg is stable with pressure relief in gutter-shaped leg cushion no. 136

Since a thin citizen needed both fixation and relief of the leg, the occupational therapist choose the soft leg cushion with a gutter shape.