Seat cushions

SAFE Med seat cushions and wheelchair cushions gives you optimal pressure relief with pressure distribution for pressure sore prevention, antidecubitus and pain relief. Are you thin, normal weight or overweight?

You choose pressure relief seat cushion, wheelchair cushion according to body weight as well as coccyx cut seat cushion, arthrodesis cushion, seat wedge or anatomical seat cushion to solve seating problems.

Pressure distribution and pressure relief work both in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and healing of tissue damages. Choose a pressure-relieving-pressure-distributing seat cushion for an ordinary dining table chair, for a wheelchair, the armchair, the sofa or for the car.
All pressure relief SAFE Med seat cushions in SAFE ViscoPore® foam are machine washable up to 95 degreesºC and can be tumbledried.
CE-marked Medical Products MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745.

For pressure relieving seat cushions you can buy Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover or Soft-Cell™ waterproof cover with a fabric surface like SILK. See cover selection for each seat cushion.

Anatomical seat cushion Pink, pressure relief for normal weight+
Anatomical seat cushion Yellow, pressure relief for thin person
Hip seat cushion Grey – with two sides cut
Hip seat cushion Grey – with one side cut
Sit wedge Grey
Sit wedge, for pressure relief
Seat cushion for BARIATRIC, pressure relief
Seat cushion Pink, pressure relief for normal weight person
Seat cushion Grey, pressure relief for heavy person
Seat cushion Yellow-Pink, pressure relief for thin person
Seat cushion with Coccyx cut, pressure relief
Seat cushion Pink-Grey, pressure relief for normal weight person
Pressure relief wheelchair cushion, seat cushion for pressure sore prevention

Read references about

Pink-Grey seat cushion is better than air cushion

Camilla Kristensen, occupational therapist
The user is very satisfied, he has previously sat on the air cushion, but he did not like it. This foam cushion Pink-Grey no. 104 fits him much better.

Statement is a written reference to us from Camilla, which is sent to interested parties by e-mail upon request.

Pink-Grey seat cushion provides good pressure relief

Rikke Laumark:
The pink-grey seat cushion is definitely to recommend! It provides really good pressure relief and is perfect to take with you for long car journeys 🙂

See also Rikke’s review on our Facebook page.

Pink-Grey seat cushion helped against pain sitting

Rasmus Jørgensen:
I am an avid exercise cyclist. The many hours of cycling, combined with my study with many hours sitting, meant that some time ago I experienced sitting pain in the tailbone.
On the recommendation of a friend, I therefore acquired a SAFE Med seat cushion no. 104 in Pink-Grey.
After buying the seat cushion from SAFE Med, I no longer feel anything for the seat pain in the tailbone.
I use the seat cushion on my office chair – both when I read, but also when I just sit at the computer – as I achieve unsurpassed seating comfort with the seat cushion.
I can warmly recommend a SAFE Med seat cushion no. 104 – both for those who experience pain, but also for those who just want good seating comfort.

See also Rasmus’ review on our facebook page.

Pressure-relieving seat cushion in case of hip fracture

Johannes Laursen:
After 7 weeks in a wheelchair on a SAFE Med seat cushion Pink-Grey, he found out what a great help a good pressure-relieving seat cushion is to relieve pain in case of hip fracture. Walking around again with fresh courage to do good for himself further, he bought a seat cushion number two with Soft-Cell cover.
A pressure-relieving seat cushion for the chair by the computer and a seat cushion for the chair in the living room.

Johannes is in a post on our facebook page.

Good experience with pressure-relieving seat cushion

John Pedersen:
John had been referred by Viborg Aid Service, where he had handed in SAFE Med seat cushion Pink-Grey after a period of illness. He had good experience with the seat cushion, but unfortunately he could not get it granted, so he bought a SAFE Med seat cushion himself.

John is in a post on our facebook page.

Coccyx seat cushion is great for relieving the coccyx

Jane Barslev:
Just got the seat cushion that is meant to relieve the coccyx. It is really super and I really enjoy it 🙂

Jane has written a comment on our facebook page.

Sit wedge cushion for relief sitting

Lise-Lotte Mortensen:
I have had Fibromyalgia for some years now. A disease that hurts in all bones and joints.
It also makes my skin particularly sensitive. Touch of my skin often hurts like needles. nothing must tighten or press on the skin. I find it especially difficult to sit down, even for shorter periods of time and especially, in the car. I can sit there for a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Also on chairs and in sofas. until I found SAFE Med Sit Wedge cushion no. 106. I have tried other foam and fiber pillows without effect. This is some of the best I have found, for relieving my illness.

Statement is a written reference to us from Lise-Lotte, which is sent to interested parties by e-mail upon request.

Sit wedge cushion helps against low back pain

Sofie Thyssen:
I have a crooked spine, called scoliosis, which has cost me many hours of low back pain. The pain piled up since I started at the Business School being more in a sitting position during the day. Since I am still studying as well as working as a telemarketer, I spend many hours sitting, which is the position that is most painful in my case.
On recommendation, I therefore acquired a SAFE Med sit wedge cushion no. 108, which helps me sit in the right position. I use it especially when I sit for hours in front of the computer and do homework etc. It relieves the pain tremendously, so it has helped me a lot.

Statement is a written reference to us from Sofie, which can be sent to interested parties by e-mail upon request.