Hovedpude med hul til øret er en ørepude med hul

Ear Pillow for pressure relief of the ears

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
11540 x 32 x 6 cmKr. 357,-54575

Ear pillow for pressure relief of the ear (Price is without cover)
Use pressure relief Ear Pillow with soft YELLOW side UP. Hole is Ø 10 cm.
Ear Pillow is recommended to use with the skin friendly Soft-Cell™ cover with hole.
Order no: 115TEN.HOLE Kr. 233,- ex.VAT

Ear Pillow is for pressure relief of the ear lying on the side if you have sleep ear, pain when pressure is applied to the ear or sores on the ear. It prevents pressure sores and gives pressure relief for healing of sores and pain relief of the ear, shapes to the face and supports the chin, cheek and temple lying on the side. As anti-decubitus also to use for relief of the back head region lying on the back.

When patient needs pressure relief of the ear and regular pillow do not work then it helps to use this suitable pillow.
Sores on the ear hurts and the sore has a hard time healing, then the hole provides relief to the ear so that it does not hurt to lie on the side and a sore will heal up.
Normally a sore on the ear will heal up after 1-2 weeks with total pressure relief of the ear.

Technical description: 100% SAFE ViscoPore® foam which is the best quality in viscoelastic foam with strong bearing capacity and long durability.