Tunnel cushion for protecting the leg in lateral position during surgery

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
127OP.2530 x 25 x 18/9 cmKr. 1745,-130080
127OP.5030 x 50 x 18/9 cmKr. 1985,-130084
127OP.6540 x 65 x 21/15 cmKr. 3852,-136564
Color mark Ø 2 cmInform color choiceKr. 45,-

Height: 18 cm or 21 cm
Length: 25, 50 or 65 cm
Width: 30 cm or 40 cm
Dimension of tunnel opening: 18 cm width x 9 cm high.
Dimension of tunnel opening: 28 cm width x 15 cm high.

Weight: 1,6 kg 3,2 kg and 4,0 kg

Tunnel cushion for side lying positioning – lateral position during operation. Tunnel cushion is for lateral stable positioning for protecting the down leg from pressure damage in the side lying position during surgery.

The anti-static property is best in black, which is why all covers are black. Color mark on the cover is possible and can be ordered as desired with a Ø 2 cm mark in green, orange, yellow, blue or red.

Technical description: 100% TEX® foam 40 kg/m3