Support cushion and Wedge for surgical patients, pressure relief

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
106OP.145x30x3/11 cmKr. 864,-61296
106OP.245x40x3/11 cmKr. 918,-61295
106OP.380x30x3/12 cmKr 1541,-128735
106OP.351835x18x3/8 cmKr.1191,-128738
Color mark Ø 2 cmInform color choiceKr. 45,-

Weight: 0,7 kg / 0,8 kg / 1,2 kg eller 0,5 kg

Pressure-relieving support wedge and positioning cushion for surgical patients to use as support pad, wedge pad, sloping pad that provides effective pressure distribution for pressure ulcer prevention and pain relief in various positioning situations and ensures stability in lateral position during the operation.
Wedge-shaped support cushion is ideal for 30-degree side-lying position during surgery or intensive care.
The anti-static property is best in black, which is why all covers on support wedges for surgery are black. Color mark on the cover is possible and can be ordered as desired with a Ø 2 cm mark in green, orange, yellow, blue or red.

Technical description: 100% SAFE ViscoPore® foam which is the best quality in viscoelastic foam with strong bearing capacity and long durability.