Soft-lift pressure relief cushions for micro-stimulation, 2 pcs. in set

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
104YP.251525 x 15 x 6 cmKr. 323,-73184

The small pressure relief cushions can be used without a cover with the yellow side up. If a cover is needed, choose the waterproof, soft and skin-friendly Soft-Cell cover. Use as pressure relief positioning cushions for pressure sore prevention, antidecubitus and pain relief below the hips, shoulders, between knees and heels. The small cushions are used for micro-stimulation in terminal care.
To use 2 pcs Soft-Lift cushions on same side below shoulder and below hip and to switch the cushions from side to side as needed. The cushions are used with yellow side up.

Technical description: 100% SAFE ViscoPore® foam which is the best quality in viscoelastic foam with strong bearing capacity and long durability.