Soft-Cell™ waterproof full cover for overlay mattresses with antislip backside

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
102PGTEN.1200x80x4 cm89557Kr. 868,-
102PGTEN.20085200x85x4 cm89558Kr. 868,-
102PGTEN.2200x90x4cm89559Kr. 868,-
102PGTEN.3200x100x4cm89560Kr. 868,-
102PGTEN.8200x120x4cm111481Kr. 1227,-
102PGTEN.4200x140x4cm111484Kr. 1227,-
101BYPTEN.1200x80x6 cm89552Kr. 868,-
101BYPTEN.20085200x85x6 cm89553Kr. 868,-
101BYPTEN.2200x90x6cm89555Kr. 868,-
101BYPTEN.3200x100x6cm89556Kr. 868,-
101BYPTEN.8200x120x6cm111475Kr. 1227,-
101BYPTEN.4200x140x6cm111478Kr. 1227,-

Can be ordered in black, grey or white colour.
Special dimensions on Soft-Cell™ waterproof cover can be supplied upon request.

Soft-Cell™ waterproof full cover with fabric surface for overlay mattresses with concealed zipper on three sides and antislip backside. Soft-Cell cover is strong, elastic, breathable and absorbs more moisture than cotton.
Soft-Cell™ comply ignition test EN 597-1 & ISO 12952-1. The cover is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, eczema, asthma and rhinitis.

Washable in machine 60°C-95°C.

By 60°C – test 100 times

By 95°C – test 20 times (lose color)

Tumble dry up to 70°C – test 100 times after 60°C washing