Prone Positioning System for pressure relief of surgical patients in the operating room

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
135OPKr. 5178,-130089

3 pcs: 1 pc. pelvis, 1 pc. thorax, 1 pc. base (to order Head support separately)
Height: 20 cm
Length is 80 cm of base mattress/Height 2 cm
Width: 54 cm
Weight: 3,35 kg

Prone Positioning System is used during operations for surgical patients.
in the operating room. Cushions for pelvis and thorax is placed on the base or base is placed below the legs.
Head support no. 134OP is used together with the prone positioning system.
To use knee cushions no. 105YGOP.2020 for pressure relief of the knees
and cushion no. 131OP below the feet.

Technical decription:100% SAFE ViscoPore foam