Long cushions for ICU patients with pressure relief shapes to the body

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
44.01OP160 x 30 cmKr. 1868,-130128
44.02OP180 x 30 cmKr. 2039,-130131
44.04OP220 x 30 cmKr. 2410,-130134

Height: appr. 15 cm (+ – 5 cm)

Weight: 1,7 kg / 1,9 kg / 2,3 kg

Pressure relief long cushions for positioning is for the intensive care ICU. The long cushions for patients adjust and shapes to the body contours, is pressure relieving for pressure ulcer prevention and pain relief. The long cushions provide stability and secure support for the ICU patient. Pressure relief long cushions shape, provide stability and secure support for the intensive care patient.

Technical description: 100% Granulated SAFE ViscoPore foam