Ear Pillow for surgical patients for pressure relief

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
115OPKr. 1080,-61297
Color mark Ø 2 cmInform color choiceKr. 45,-

40 x 32 x 6 cm

Weight: 0,45 kg

​Yellow soft and Pink medium – to use YELLOW soft side UP for the head to lie on.

Ear Pillow for total pressure relief and pain relief of the ear lying on the side or to use for relief of the back head region lying on the back for surgical patients. Pressure relief ear pillow with hole is also used for ICU patients.

The anti-static property is best in black, which is why all covers on ear pillow with hole for surgery are black. Color mark on the cover is possible and can be ordered as desired with a Ø 2 cm mark in green, orange, yellow, blue or red.

​Technical description: 100% SAFE ViscoPore® foam which is the best quality in viscoelastic foam with strong bearing capacity and long durability.