Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover for overlay mattresses, full cover with anti-slip backside

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
102PGC.1M200x80x4 cmKr. 868,- 89548
102PGC.20085M200x85x4 cmKr. 868,- 89549
102PGC.2M200x90x4 cmKr. 868,- 89550
102PGC.3M200x100x4 cmKr. 868,- 89551
102PGC.8M200x120x4 cmKr. 1227,-111469a
102PGC.4M200x140x4 cmKr. 1227,-111472
101BYPC.1M200x80x6 cmKr. 868,-89542
101BYPC.20085M200x85x6 cmKr. 868,-89543
101BYPC.2M200x90x6 cmKr. 868,-89544
101BYPC.3M200x100x6 cmKr. 868,-89545
101BYPC.8M200x120x6 cmKr. 1227,-111463
101BYPC.4M200x140x6 cmKr. 1227,-111466

Special dimensions on incontinence covers can be supplied upon request. Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover for overlay mattresses in light grey colour with concealed zipper on three sides and anti-slip backside. Wipe off with soapy water, alcohol solution or Wet wipe similar to mild chlorine 1000-1200 ppm.
Is strong, elastic, breathable and antimicrobial.

Comfor™ PUR incontinence cover is allergy friendly and comply ignition and flame test EN 597-1 & 2.

Machine washable up to 95 degrees – test 50 times.

Tumble drying by 60 degrees – test 50 times.