Trykaflastende madras til normalvægt person

Fullbody mattress Yellow-Pink, soft-medium pressure relief for thin, normal weight, overweight BMI up to 35

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
201YP.1200x80x12 cmKr. 3060,-81408
201YP.20085200x85x12 cmKr. 3060,-81409
201YP.2200x90x12 cmKr. 3060,-81410

Available in 14-15 cm height + Kr. 386,-

Userweight: up to 130 kg for thin, normalweight +, BMI up to 35
Mattress supports weight up to 180 kg.
Weight: 200 x 80 cm = 9 kg

Fullbody mattress include a full-covering cover with anti-slip back side and when ordering choose a mattress with either Comfor™ PUR Incontinence cover light grey or Soft-Cell™ waterproof cover with fabric surface in grey.

Pressure relief mattress suitable for electrical beds.
The mattress shapes to the body supplying pressure relief, pressure distribution and stability for antidecubitus, healing and pain relief. To use mattress for antidecubitus up to stage 3.

Technical description: SAFE ViscoPore® foam which is the best quality in viscoelastic foam with strong bearing capacity and long durability and TEX® foam as base.