Leg cushion for surgical patients in the operation theater for pressure relief of heavy legs

Order no:Price ex.VATHMI no.
109OP.130 cmKr. 747,-136144
109OP.4040 cmKr. 967,- 137550
109OP.5050 cmKr. 967,- 137553
109OP.260 cmKr. 967,-136148

Height: 10/7/10 cm
Length: 30,40,50 eller 60 cm
Width: 20 cm

Weight: 0,35 kg, 0,47 kg, 0,58 kg og 0,70 kg

Groove shaped pressure-relieving leg cushion for surgical patients provides total pressure relief of the lower leg and heel for heavy legs and prevents pressure ulcers on the heels for overweight surgical patients in the operating theater.

​Technical description: 100% SAFE ViscoPore foam